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  • Profile Live & Visible to schools
  • New Vacancies Notification
  • Schools Can Contact
  • Reply to Offers
  • Apply to Jobs - 1 job/day


  • Apply to Jobs - 10 jobs/day
  • Identity Verified
  • $ 99

    Best Recommended Plan

  • Apply to Jobs - Unlimited
  • Identity Verified
  • Citizenship Verified
  • Degree(s) Verified
  • Teaching Certificate/License Verified
  • $ 199


  • Profile Live & Visible to schools
  • References Verified
  • Backgorund/Criminal Checks Verified
  • Accts. Manager Assigned
  • Interviews Arranged
  • Legal Consultation
  • Resume Redesigned
  • Relocation Services
  • $ 399

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay?

A verified profile will have a better chance of getting interest from schools hence increasing your chances of getting a job offer. It also shows your seriousness as a job seeker.

Do you charge a recruitment fee once school has issued an offer/contract?

No, we do not charge any recruitment fee.

What is your refund policy?

Prudential First does not offer refunds to members. There are some exceptions which can be evaluated on case to case basis.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Your new plan will kick in immediately after payment made.

Is finding a job guaranteed for paid members?

Upgrading to paid plans will increase your chances of getting an offer. Schools prefer to choose a candidate that has a verified profile, along with degree and teaching certificate/license vetted. Most schools require a criminal background checks and mostly choose candidates with references verified. It makes it easy for schools to issue a job offer instead of carrying all of these procedures which is time consuming and often times expensive.

How do you perform reference checks?

We understand applicants are sometimes concerned about getting a reference call at their present place of work. Often times they have not notified their present employer of their intention of renewing the contract. We’re a recruitment agency, so schools understand that we’re merely doing a reference verification/check to complete your profile on our website. It also avoids the embarrassment of schools calling for references to current employer as all information is available on the website.

How soon can you help me find employment?

It depends on individuals, their education and experience. Also their willingness to move to another country. If you register with Advanced plan then your chances of getting an employment would be very swift. You will be assigned a search and selection executive who will be in touch with you by presenting various job vacancies. He/she will guide you on changes required on your resume to make it appealing to schools to match current vacancies.

Can free members find jobs on your website?

Definitely! School managers frequently browse through the website to find appropriate candidate. Make sure that your profile has current contact details including email, phone, skype, WhatsApp. Your picture should be a professional head shot. Your profile is 100% completed and work experience details are current and accurate. Good Luck!

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