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There are many things to consider when deciding on your next employer. At Prudential, we offer employees the chance to work with great people. If you are enthusiastic, self motivated, a team player and enjoy working in a foreign environment, then scroll thru the available positions. Fluency in English is a must.

Prudential provides a full range of benefits for employees. Benefits may include:

  • Health Care
  • Transport card
  • Food card
  • Paid Time Off

Preference will be given to candidates fluent in English, living in close proximity to our office, and most of all eager and hard working to succeed in life.

Make sure your résumé/CV is in word or PDF format and ideally no longer than a page.

Jobs: (Full-Time)

Social Media & Online Specialist

Job description:
You’re responsible for expanding our digital foot print through various social media sites, blog entries, articles submission, posting interviews on related online sites and magazines, daily posting on facebook/twitter, online networking, emailing to potential customers, creating and sending out press release for print media, marketing online research and updating database, schedule and run email marketing campaigns, link sites to other credible sites for better SEO.

Online Coordinator

Job description:
You’re responsible for communicating with Universities/Colleges and teaching schools overseas, communicating with employment agencies overseas, emailing and contacting language schools, private schools, universities/colleges and corporations in Turkey, preparing a weekly updated list of your progress, staying in touch and updating teachers on weekly basis, helping and providing marketing director with updated information. You’re fluent in speaking and writing English.

Regional Sales & Development Associate

Job description:
Your job is to set appointments with educational institution to market our products and services. You’re responsible for visiting potential customers and presenting them with our products and services. You’ll use online communication and over the phone to arrange appointments. You must be pleasant on the phone. You’ll not only promote our products and services but also close deals. You job will consist of daily visits to the educational institution. You should be able to get around Istanbul without any difficulties. Preference will be given to someone with a valid driver’s license. You must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Please email your résumé to Make sure to mention the position applying for in the subject line.


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A company established by a former native English teacher who understands the issues related to foreign teachers and their desire of working overseas, schools expecting the best out of their foreign teacher and students wanting to improve their English and excelling at university entrance exams. An EFL / ESL Certification can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding job teaching English abroad.

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